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Company presentation

 In 2001, Mr. Branko Pečar was offered the possibility of starting up his own company, so the present company Montpro d.o.o. was formed from a coincidence and an opportunity taken.

Montpro d.o.o. is a limited liability company, and was established on 9 March 2004 by transforming the legal organization structures from s.p. to d.o.o. The company is in 100% ownership of Mr. Branko Pečar. The main activity of the company is mechanical metal processing.

Our company main activity is mounting and assembly of product lines in the automotive industry, however, lately we have also been participating in setting up solar power plants, and wood dryers. The company with its services is at the moment mainly operating on the European market.

The company headquarters are located in the neighbourhood of Ptuj, namely in Spuhlja. The accounting and management of the company are carried out at the headquarters.


The company strives to become recognized by its high quality services and products, its satisfied customers, appropriately qualified personnel, a cost-effective company, and profitable with the possibility of financing its own activities. The company strives to become well-organized, based on its responsibility towards its employees, and to the social and ecological environment. We wish to reach a sufficient supply of markets with services and products.


The mission of Montpro d.o.o. is to strengthen its position on the domestic and foreign markets by adjusting the structure and the scope of its offer to the market needs and the sustainable improvement in the quality of all its services and products, and at the same time provide employees with personal growth and development.

The basic values of the company, on which the future will be built, are fairness and business reliability, professionalism and capability, the establishment of a partnership relationship with its customers and an openness to change.


  • the possibility of producing our own products
  • expansion to other service activities
  • employment of additional employees

The objectives of all these activities are the increase in the overall performance of our activities, improvement in the competitiveness of production and service activities in domestic and foreign markets, the rationalization of production processes with the use of modern technological processes, technologies and equipment, the introduction of new products, and the improvement in the quality of products, and the promotion of integration with other links of the market chain.